Body Acceptance +

Food Freedom

Mantra Cards

The way you talk to yourself matters. 


Regular, daily mantras can help with that. 


It's exactly why I created this card deck : 32 cards (2.75" x 4.75") with daily mantras and thought provoking questions to help evolve your current thought process around food and your body from negative and hurtful to neutral, strong, self-assured and deserving.


You're probably here because you WANT to feel a certain way and don't.

Or you know and care for someone who deserves to be kinder to themselves.


The more consistently you think of yourself neutrally and/or positively, the deeper and more those thoughts will be. 


These cards can elevate your morning or evening routine. They can provide a centering, calming moment. You may flip through the whole deck or choose one mantra or gentle question to focus on daily or weekly.

This is your journey, go at your pace ♥️


These are for you if you:

  • Persist in a cycle of negative self-talk
  • Struggle with body image
  • Are looking to recover from disordered eating
  • Want to reject diet culture
  • Are ready to heal your relationship with yourself and food
  • Change your self-talk and foster self-compassion
  • Believe (or want to believe) in the power of neuroplasticity (the ability to change old, negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs)

I'm proud of you for being here.

These cards play an integral role in my 1:1 work with clients but are not a substitute for individualized care. 


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